About System Liquidation

Founded in 2007, System Liquidation has become a trusted name as a leading supplier of refurbished computers throughout North America. Our primary focus is to provide quality refurbished products at highly competitive prices to Government departments, Educational institutions, Healthcare sectors, Manufacturers and Value-Added Resellers. System Liquidation follows strict requirements established by Microsoft to ensure that you receive a high-quality professionally-refurbished device. We provide an eco-friendly and budget friendly technology solution. We help our partners with the safe and environmentally conscious removal of IT equipment as their technology needs evolve, allocate top value to these devices toward the purchase of newer, current and relevant IT devices.


Expert Team

The company employs over 100 specialists in departments such as technology, production, business development and service.


MAR Certified

We are a proud Microsoft Authorized Gold Certified Partner and Refurbisher of Tier 1 products like HP, Dell, Lenovo and many others.


Our Facility

We have two facilities for production and shipping. The first a 20,000 sq. ft facility in New Jersey and the 2nd, a massive 75,000 sq. ft facility in Ontario, Canada.

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The Educational environment is a unique marketplace because these young early adaptors escalate so rapidly in their skills that the challenge is to provide the most up to date, state-of-the-art tools to allow our future generations to flourish unencumbered.



In the fast pace world of today’s competitive business environment, time is often of the essence and the tools required must enhance, not inhibit productivity and profitability.



Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments today are faced with the unenviable task of staying current with necessary IT solutions to manage the unimaginable quantity of data and rapid response expected in today’s economy. This is where we excel as a solutions provider.



Healthcare administrators today have the challenging task of providing uncompromising critical service and information exchange with seamless fluidity and reliability within the limiting parameters of budget constraints and diminishing resources. We offer solutions.



Our commitment is to provide our partners with certified refurbished products at very affordable prices to enhance their bottom-line. If you aren’t already one, apply to be a System Liquidation Authorized Reseller.



At System Liquidation, we know that a reliable computer is essential for today's non-profit organizations. Our goal is to make sure that every non-profit has the resources they need to succeed.