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Technical Specification  Key Features Brand: Apple  Model: iPad AIR-A1474 Processor Type: A7 Cell Network: Wi-Fi Only Storage: 32GB   Display: 9.7" Display Resolution: 2048 x 1536 Camera: 5 megap...
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This Refurbished MacBook comes equipped with a powerful Intel Core (i7) (9th) generation Processor with a speed of (2.60) GHz. The (16GB RAM) and (512GB SSD) allows the management of all operations...

Apple's Innovative Technology at an Affordable Price

Apple is known for its innovative and disruptive game-changers, like the MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. The company’s unique aesthetic design and user-friendly operating system have created a self-contained ecosystem that Apple users love. 

Apple computers and devices often cost more than other options, but buying refurbished Apple computers helps offset the price difference. In addition, you’ll receive an individually inspected, repaired, and tested device that performs as expected. A refurbished Apple device is an excellent way to start with the Apple ecosystem without breaking the bank.

All refurbished Apple laptops or tablets have been individually tested and repaired by a technician, making sure your next device is free of defects.

Refurbished Apple Computers

Apple frequently releases new versions of Apple computers, laptops, and devices, typically every year. This release schedule encourages Apple users to update their devices, creating an opportunity for people interested in refurbished Apple products. Used markets are often flooded with Apple computers directly from the previous owner, but they have not been inspected and can be a gamble to purchase.

Our refurbished Apple computers are free from any defects and have been rigorously tested before we list them for sale. Your refurbished Apple computer will look and feel new without the markup of a factory-fresh computer. You’ll be able to benefit from the latest Apple computers and devices, and rest assured that they’re functioning as expected.

Apple MacBooks

MacBooks are powerful portable computers ready to handle almost anything you need, depending on the model. The company’s line of laptops has been adopted by creative industries due to its impressive capability to handle demanding processes like detailed graphic design and video rendering.

Buying a refurbished Apple MacBook gives you access to Apple’s innovative technology with substantial savings over a factory-new laptop. In addition, our refurbished Apple laptops are well-suited for graphic design, video editing, web development, word processing, and web browsing. 

Refurbished Apple Tablets

Apple’s famous iPad tablets helped tablets become household devices, and iPads remain the most popular. Buying a refurbished Apple tablet gives you access to the industry-leading iPad without the markup of a factory-new device.

Our line of refurbished Apple tablets has been individually inspected, tested, and repaired to ensure the device works as if it was brand new. As a result, you’ll be able to play the latest mobile games, watch videos while traveling, and work on the go with complete confidence in your iPad.

We are continuously refurbishing new Apple devices. So if our current selection doesn’t have what you’re looking for, be sure to check back frequently and be the first to buy a refurbished Apple computer. Our refurbished Apple laptops, desktops, and iPads are always in-demand, so checking back often gives you the best chance of buying a refurbished Apple device at an excellent price.