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With one of the smallest monitor bases in its class, this 24" FHD monitor is ideal for people who desire to save valuable desk space on their desks. One of the improvements made to this monitor is ...
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This Refurbished Chromebook comes equipped with a Intel Celeron 2955U Processor with a speed of (1.4) GHz. The (2GB RAM) and (16GB eMMC SSD) allows the management of all operations efficiently. Loa...

Refurbished Acer Computers for Work, School, or Travel

Acer is known for manufacturing reliable and affordable computers, which include desktops, laptops, and 2-in-1 devices. The company’s line of Chromebooks has become among the most popular Chromebooks on the market due to their affordability and performance. Acer’s line of laptops and desktops are ideal for traveling, working, or completing school work. High-end models can also take on high-performance tasks like gaming or video editing.

Refurbished Acer computers have been thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested before they’re listed for sale. Likewise, your next Acer computer has received individual attention from a certified technician to ensure it is free of defects and working as expected. Conversely, only a small sample of brand-new computers are tested before all of them are shipped.

Refurbished Acer Laptops

Acer laptops are known for their combination of looks, power, and portability, all at lower prices than other brands. Acer laptops use a range of Intel processors, including Intel Celeron, i5, and i7, on higher-end models. Additionally, Acer computers offer different amounts of storage and memory, allowing you to find the right specifications for your needs.

Refurbished Acer laptops are an excellent choice for travelers who want reliable performance without a lot of weight and a high price tag. Your individually-inspected laptop will work as designed so you can work or study wherever you are.

How do you pick the right Acer laptop? Start by honing in on your exact needs. If you need something for web browsing and word processing, you don’t need the price tag of a high-performance laptop. Keep your intended usage in mind as you browse our selection of refurbished Acer computers.

Acer Chromebooks

Acer’s line of Chromebooks has set the industry standard. Acer’s Celeron-powered Chromebooks provide the right level of performance for ChromeOS and allow for a lower price tag than other options. In addition, ChromeOS is a cloud-based operating system, so it doesn’t require a more powerful i5 or i7, instead benefiting from a cost-effective Celeron.

Refurbished Acer Desktops

Acer has primarily focused on laptops, but the company's line of desktops provides the same cost-effectiveness and performance you expect. Acer’s desktops range from affordable all-in-one PCs to high-powered gaming machines, all at competitive prices.

Our line of refurbished Acer desktops has been individually inspected and repaired to make sure your next desktop performs exactly as it was designed. So whether you need a low-powered work desktop or a high-performance gaming rig, our refurbished Acer desktops will get the job done.

System Liquidation is continually adding refurbished Acer computers to our online store. So check back often to see the latest options to get a great price on a thoroughly inspected machine.