Supplying Schools with the IT Hardware Students Need

We understand that modern education needs to prepare students for a tech-driven future. System Liquidation is committed to providing budget-friendly equipment to K12 schools that empower students to learn effectively and develop the skills they’ll need to succeed.

Students need modern hardware, but school districts have restrictive and limiting budgets. Quality new and refurbished IT equipment from System Liquidation helps schools maximize their budgets without sacrificing hardware quality. Dependable technology improves the education experience, which creates students with a passion for knowledge. We empower educators with the right technology to enable modern and engaging learning environments. Our repurchasing and recycling program also allows you to leverage your outdated equipment to purchase leading-edge hardware, if eligible.

Offering Robust IT Solutions for Schools

We understand that schools need more than just a shipment of laptops. Our diverse offering of solutions gives schools everything they need to easily upgrade their technology without the headache.

Asset Tagging
Device Accountability
Chromebook Services
White-Glove Servicing
Chromebook Etching
Fully Customizable
Warranty Programs
Peace of Mind

Accidental Damage
Protection Coverage
Lifecycle Management
Device Caretaking
Device Imaging
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Device Financing
Payment Plans

Access the Right Programs to Maximize Your Tech Budget

System Liquidation is a member of multiple programs designed to help educational institutions buy leading-edge technologies without worrying about the full price tag. We participate in the following programs:

Refurbished, Not Used

We don’t sell used equipment. Everything we offer is either new or refurbished. Used hardware was previously owned and sold without inspection or a warranty. You can often find used hardware through online marketplaces, and it’s always a risk. Refurbished hardware has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and includes warranties. A refurbished system from System Liquidation will work as designed, protect your data, and be defect-free.

We are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), which requires the highest inspection and testing standards. Have confidence in your purchase with our top-quality processes and 1-year limited warranty (some exceptions apply).

About System Liquidation

As a trusted name in electronics refurbishment, System Liquidation was founded in 2007 and has earned a reputation for excellence. Our primary goal is to provide top-tier refurbished hardware at budget-friendly prices. We service public and private school districts, government agencies, businesses of all sizes, and healthcare facilities.

We are an environmentally conscious business and strive to refurbish what we can and responsibly recycle the rest.

Our expert team of over 100 technology specialists guarantees the quality of every piece of equipment we offer. Discover why we’ve become an industry leader in refurbished equipment today.