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We are Dedicated to Providing Affordable & Reliable Technology for a Future-Ready K12 Educational System

We understand that modern education needs to prepare students for a tech-driven future. System Liquidation is committed to providing budget-friendly equipment to K12 schools that empower students to learn effectively and develop the skills they’ll need to succeed.

Supplying Schools with the IT Hardware Students Need

Supplying Schools with the IT Hardware Students Need

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Our solutions give schools everything they need to easily upgrade their technology

Offering Robust IT Solutions for Schools

Device Asset Tagging

Chromebook Services

Chromebook Etching

Special Warranty Programs

Accidental Damage Protection

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Device Imaging Setup

Device Financing Plans

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Our Buyback Program

Read below for the step by step process on how our buyback program works.

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The school is to generate a list of products and grade the products to the best of their ability.

Initial Offer

We will give you an approximate credit/cash value based on your information.


We will arrange for pickup of the product (we can box and prepare it for shipping if required)

Final Offer

We will assess and grade the product and determine a final credit or cash value


We will provide a report, by serial number, detailing the secure transportation and data handling and destruction from start to finish. R2V3 Certificate.


We then send a cheque or issue a credit on file. A +25% of cash value is applied if you choose to keep a credit with us to be used against future purchases of new or refurbished technology.

Access the Right Programs to Maximize Your Tech Budget

System Liquidation is a member of multiple programs designed to help educational institutions buy leading-edge technologies without worrying about the full price tag. We participate in the following programs:

Refurbished, Not Used

Refurbished, Not Used

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