Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Minimize your risk by using System Liquidation, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)

What is non-genuine software?

Non-genuine software is any software that’s not manufactured or licensed by Microsoft. It is also commonly referred to as pirated software, counterfeit software, illegally distributed software, bootlegged software, or unlicensed software.

What are the risks of using non-genuine software?

Non-genuine software may contain malware and would lack the security measures to detect them. Without knowing it, you could be exposing yourself to serious threats, like:

• Ransomware: Software intended to damage or disable a computer.

• Spyware (Trojan horse): Software intended to secretly gather information about a person or organization.

• Identity theft: Using someone else’s identity to gain financial or other benefits.

• Security issues: Non-genuine software may cause issues with security patches, making a computer more susceptible to security threats immediately or after a timed activation.

Lower prices and other reasons to buy from System Liquidation

System Liquidation does our best to source systems and laptops at the lowest cost possible, so we can pass along greater savings to you; the end customer. We’ve been in the direct to consumer business since 2007 and are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher with established processes to ensure our Grade A products are prepared in a way that you get “As Good As New” at a portion of the price of owning a brand new laptop & desktop. While some retailers may charge extra for warranties, we believe in standing by our work and offer a FREE 1- year Warranty on systems & laptops. Thousands of customers have trusted us and we encourage you to read through our reviews.

We optimize performance

• Only MARs have direct access to Microsoft engineers who specialize in refurbished devices.

• Microsoft refurbishers have access to special software tools to help find drivers and software configuration suitable for each different refurbished device.

Remember, only Microsoft refurbisher's get their software directly from Microsoft. Other refurbisher's may get their software off the internet where there is a high chance of it containing viruses and malware to steal your personal and business data. Learn More

*Does not apply to smartphones and other devices with Microsoft applications but not running Windows.